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    Rise of the Legend
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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (German Trailer)
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    1911 Revolution

Latest News

Aug 2014 - Proud to announce that my music has been licensed for a brand new martial arts epic, "Rise of the Legend: Wong Fei Hung." Film is planned to be released early December this year. Big thanks to Agus González-Lancharro from Really Slow Motion and Toby Mason from Immediate Music!
July 2014 - Received confirmation that my cue from Immediate Music's albums, Dark Hero and TrailerHead: Nu Epiq, was licensed for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" trailer.


Thomas Vo's music speaks for itself. It excelled in the international television broadcasts as well as live stadium showings in which it was featured with us. Not only is the music highly professional and likeable, but so is Thomas himself. We guarantee that we will be contacting Thomas for our upcoming projects in the near future.

— Sugar High Entertainment, Inc